01 Pure Science

Delivering Products Created by an Unsurpassed Team of Experts That Stand on Education and Pragmatism

World-Wide Patents

Obtaining a world-wide patent is no easy feat. But at Opti-Choice® we hold the world-wide patent for this breakthrough in efficacy and bioavailability. VESIsorb® is currently patented and nationalized in all six major continents and boasts over 50 strategically devised supplements. Our products are designed and formulated, and then meticulously reviewed, by a carefully selected group of highly respected physicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals. This multidisciplinary assemblage is actively, consistently, and constantly involved with Opti-Choice® to meet the ever-growing health concerns of everyone on the planet. The importance of attaining world-wide patents is to dramatically improve the efficacy of the vitamins and minerals that the world is consuming.

Optimal Bioavailability

Where vitamins, supplements, and minerals are concerned, bioavailability is key. If you take vitamins and supplements that are not entering your circulatory system- and being distributed-properly, let’s face it, they are a waste of your time and money. Not to mention the fact that they are not improving your health. Opti-Choice® supplements contain the most effective and popular science-backed ingredients, but our team knows that is just not enough. Enter the VESIsorb® Delivery System. This innovative technology is intricately incorporated into over 50 Opti-Choice® supplements. This proven technology is specially designed to deliver over 600% more benefits than other OTC oil-based supplemental formulas. Our sole goal to ensure that the human body attains optimal bioavailability from every Opti-Choice® product.

Doctor-Developed Formulas

One of the biggest concerns with most OTC supplements is that they are not scientifically and medically created. Opti-Choice® will not stand for anything shy of the very best ingredients and the most esteemed scientists and physicians from around the globe. We know that doctors who are on the frontlines of healthcare are the most important resource that we have. Through them, we gain maximum insight to patient care and overall trends in poor and optimal health. So, it was a logical transition to employ those doctors in aiding Opti-Choice® in creating the most viable healthcare products in the world. Our esteemed physicians realize that consumers, ailing and healthy, want to get the most for their money, their time, and most importantly, their health.

Exclusive Delivery System

In addition to our physician-developed supplements, the revolutionary VESIsorb® Delivery System can only be found in Opti-Choice® products. Opti-Choice® has spent over a decade developing and testing VESIsorb®. The reputation of our staff, the physicians and scientists, and the company is at stake with every product that we place on the shelves. Attaining an exclusive patent for the VESIsorb® Delivery System ensures consumers around the globe that they are ingesting the real deal. We have spent many years, not to mention countless man hours, carefully structuring the bioavailability and efficacy of every product we formulate. Exclusivity is the name of our game when it comes to the good health and well-being of the world.

02 Innovative Thinking

Opti-Choice®’s Innovative Global Initiative to Blanket the Worldwide Community with Optimum Health Products

Pioneering Leadership

Opti-Choice® knows that to have real impact, leadership must be a team. Our clients include trusted, world-class companies and healthcare practitioners from every corner of Earth. That is why we have enlisted a team of outstanding professionals that are leaders in their prospective fields. Our leaders include the founder of Vesifact AG, research and development experts, a Board of Directors, and esteemed Senior- and Medical and Scientific-Advisory Boards. Daily, we converge the education, knowledge, and experience of many great minds. We all work together with a common vision to achieve success, maintain a cutting-edge mentality, and continue to raise the bar on innovative healthcare breakthroughs. We are many, thinking as one, to deliver the best methods for attaining optimum health for men, women, children, and the animal kingdom.

Peer-Reviewed Medical Studies

Opti-Choice® and Vesifact partnered in 2007 to become a powerhouse in the field of supplemental healthcare initiatives. While we are a force to be reckoned with, we also know that in order to achieve our bioavailability and efficacy goals, we need to add medical expertise to our claims. Our peer-reviewed medical studies validate what we present to the world’s best physicians and health-conscious consumers that want to take control of their own health. Our strict reviews include the education and knowledge of surgeons, family practitioners, pharmaceutical specialists, and nurses with various areas of specialties. We take the delivery of bio-enhanced formulas to the natural products industry as seriously as consumers take the safety and effectiveness of introducing such products into their daily diet. The worlds good health is why we exist.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our manufacturing process is absolutely on par with the missions that the VESIsorb® Delivery System serves. The key factors that attribute to our success include an extreme focus on the VESIsorb® Delivery Systems’ performance. Every employee and every protocol at Opti-Choice® drive the performance of VESIsorb®. We employ a stable, yet flexible manufacturing process. That means that we stand by our precise and proven practices but are always open for fresh innovations and improvement. We boast a very disciplined and aligned interior and exterior company culture that focuses on teamwork and recognizes individual and group achievement. Every person that is involved with VESIsorb® and Opti-Choice® holds themselves accountable for the worldwide success of the company and our mission of worldwide optimized health.

Clinical Advisors

The strategic alliance of Opti-Choice®, a leading provider of health and wellness solutions, and the innovative Vesifact AG, is no accident. Opti-Choice® serves as the exclusive worldwide distribution and marketing partner for VESIsorb®. Their strategies, focus, and reach are unparalleled in the industry. Vesifact AG brings “Swiss Precision” to our advanced delivery system platform and has effectively and safely served close to 200,000,000 million health-conscious consumers around the planet. But neither alliance could achieve the viability that is necessary to succeed without our esteemed clinical advisors. Our viability depends on the work and words of our expert clinical advisory board. We fully realize that they are our lifeline to the consumer. Without the physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals standing behind out products, we are just another OTC supplement company.

03 Unparalleled Quality

Standing Behind Unsurpassed Ingredients and Processing Methods to Serve the World Supreme Results

Potency Guarantee

The VESIsorb® Delivery System is specially designed to deliver health and wellness to natural products. Don’t let the size of Opti-Choice® supplements fool you. Opti-Choice® worked diligently to deliver what you ask for; a power-packed supplement that does what many before it have claimed to do. Shrinking our capsules wasn’t enough, which is why the VESIsorb® Delivery System exists. Through our breakthrough technological work, we created a brilliant system that dramatically increases potency. The VESIsorb® Delivery System simply makes hard-to-absorb solutions more absorbent and efficacious by mimicking your body’s natural physiological process. We proudly guarantee that your body will have access to over 600% more benefits from every Opti-Choice® supplement than other OTC oil-based supplements. Simply put, less is more. More absorption, more bioavailability, and more effective results.

Rigorous Screening of Raw Materials

Opti-Choice® supplements are not just any OTC supplements. Each carefully selected ingredient that is part of our formulas is not only hand-picked, it undergoes a very strict and rigorous screening process. And it is not a one-time screening process. Every ingredient undergoes Opti-Choice®’s intense raw material screening process prior to manufacturing every batch of Opti-Choice® vitamins and supplements. We ensure the worldwide community that we take your health, in illness and in wellness, as seriously as you do. That is why Opti-Choice® products deliver the exact same potencies and benefits in every single dosage; bar none. We also take one more step in our screening process. We conduct detailed clinical tests and studies to monitor the results of our potent Opti-Choice® supplements on consumers. In short, we screen every ingredient from growth to gut.

Independent Laboratory Testing

We unequivocally trust the elite and educated quality assurance professionals at Opti-Choice® and VESIsorb®. However, we realize that every new health product or concept falls under magnified, worldwide scrutiny; as they should. That is why we invest our time and money in attaining independent tests and verifications from trusted and reliable sources. These independent laboratories are not controlled, operated, nor funded by Opti-Choice® or any of its subsidiaries. These exterior sources have no favorable bias or loyalties to VESIsorb® or Opti-Choice®. This guarantees that the world’s consumers can rest assured that we are performing to our word. “Swiss Precision” is the basis for what we do every day. We would not be satisfied with our performance, and the performance of our supplements, without the global community’s stamp of approval.

100% Moneyback Guarantee

If, for any reason, any of our Opti-Choice® products with the VESIsorb® Delivery System do not perform to your satisfaction, we will replace the supplement in question or fully refund your money. We are so certain that you will see results, that we offer you a 180-day guarantee. This gives our customers ample time to try our products and feel the results. You know your body better than anyone; and Opti-Choice® knows that you take your health and wellness so seriously that you will monitor your own progress. We work on the honor system and fully trust that you will, as you already practice, monitoring your own health. We have no doubts that you will see positive results and will want to continue integrating our stellar products into your daily regime.


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