Statin Use On The Rise According To CDC

Statin Use On The Rise According To CDC

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Statin Use More Americans than ever are taking cholesterol-lowering medications. Federal health officials reported recently. Because the percentage of adults aged 40 and older taking drugs. So that combat high cholesterol rose from 20 percent to 28 percent. Between 2003 and 2012, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Because, the use of statins increased from 18 …

Certain Antibiotic/Statin Combos

Certain Antibiotic/Statin Combos May Be Unsafe Mix: Study

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Certain Antibiotic Certain Antibiotic like clarithromycin along with the cholesterol-lowering meds had higher risk of side effects. So seniors who take the antibiotic Biaxin (clarithromycin). Along with certain types of cholesterol-lowering statins are at risk for drug interaction side effects that can lead to hospitalization and or even death. A new study suggests. “But physicians need to be made aware …

Support Heart Health

Red Yeast Rice And CoQ10 Supports Amazing Heart Health

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Red Yeast Rice Famous author, blogger, and speaker, Michael Hyatt once said, “It is not your experience, knowledge, or skills. Your heart is your most important leadership tool.” He sounded true, not only figuratively, but also matter-of-factly; when he voiced this quote. Not talking specifically about Red Yeast Rice. Without a second thought, your heart is a life-maintaining organ. A …

Getting Enough CoQ10

Statin Cholesterol: Getting Enough CoQ10 When On A Statin Cholesterol Management Drug

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Statin Cholesterol You know by reading our blog forum that even reasonably healthy folks will likely be prescribed any number of pharmaceutical statins. This is courtesy of the new cholesterol treatment guidelines aggressively proposed by the American Heart Association. Nothing to fear, really. You should always be quite mindful of your own unique cholesterol levels. We say “unique” because cholesterol …

The Truth About Vitamin E

Vitamin E: The Truth About Vitamin E In Men

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Vitamin E There was much ado regarding a large-scale men’s health study a couple years ago. Because that proclaimed men did not get any benefit whatsoever from vitamin E alone. Nay, in fact, researchers declare, “significantly increased the risk of prostate cancer among healthy men.” Because this particular study was part of what’s known as the SELECT (Selenium and Vitamin …

3 Factors That Affect Your High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure: 3 Factors That Affect Your High Blood Pressure Prognosis

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High Blood Pressure Prompt and intense treatment at the first signs of high blood pressure. This appears key to preventing heart attacks, strokes and early death, according to a new study. Patients with systolic blood pressure (the top number in a blood pressure reading) higher than 150 mm Hg faced increased risks. If doctors failed to begin aggressive drug treatment …

Evidenced Based Supplements That Has Proven To Increase Your Health

Nutritional Supplements That Have Evidence Proven To Increase Your Health

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Nutritional Supplements When you are looking for nutrition and wellness solutions. It is always better to go for Nutritional Supplements. Which are tested for safety, effectiveness, and purity. With the health and wellness industry making huge strides to offer products that provide fast results. You may end up buying products that do compromise a bit on the quality. However, if …

Obesity-Related Ills May Shave Up to 8 Years Off Your Life

Obesity-Related Ills May Shave Up to 8 Years Off Your Life: Study

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Obesity The heart disease and diabetes that often accompany obesity. So, may rob people of almost a decade of life. And close to two decades of a healthy life. Canadian researchers report. “Not only is excess body weight associated with a significant reduction in life expectancy. But with an even greater reduction in healthy life years.” said lead researcher Dr. …

Could a Drink a Day Lower Your Risk for Heart Failure?

Heart Failure Risk Could Reduced With A Drink A Day

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Heart Failure Risk Study found an association for middle-aged people. But experts stress that heavy drinking is never healthy do help reduce heart failure risk. Having a drink each day might help lower a middle-aged person’s odds for heart failure, a new study reveals. The investigation suggests that men in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Who drink as much as …