CoQ10: Improving Run Times & Heart Health

Best CoQ10: Improving Run Times & Heart Health

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Best CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10 not only has a pretty cool name (CoQ10).  It is one of the most powerful health-promoting supplements on the market. In fact, there are thousands of studies showing its positive influence on energy. Specifically as energy relates to cardiovascular wellness. More recent research has shown that CoQ10 supplementation supports healthy cholesterol levels and thus may reduce the need for higher statin consumption. There are also a rich number of research studies on its impact on sports performance and skin nourishment. (You’ve probably already seen a bevy of anti-aging skin products featuring CoQ10 — for great reason.)

Two Types of CoQ10

Even if you take it, it’s still confusing. Here’s why: there are really two types you hear and read about: ubiquinone and ubiquinol; as CoQ10. They’re both used by the body to create energy in your mitochondria (the energy production center of your cells). They form what’s called a reduction-oxidation cycle (or “redox” for short). Meaning the body can convert one form to the other, depending on what it needs.

Your body synthesizes ubiquinone, which is the oxidized form. It is stored in the outer wall of the mitochondria at the ready to help produce your energy known as adenosine triphosphate. Meanwhile, ubiquinol is the reduced form. It is the antioxidant heavy hitter protecting against oxidation, and chips in to help produce other antioxidants. Both are found in the mitochondria, coexisting. Because its chief function is to help produce energy currency — ATP — it is needed to help the heart, brain and immune system to function optimally.

Proper Absorption

Whatever the form, your CoQ10 supplement must be absorbed properly so it can be used. You derive the benefits you are seeking. Up until a couple years ago, manufacturers were too timid to work with ubiquinol because it was too unstable. But a specific technology called VESIsorb not only stabilizes and protects ubiquinol, it actually increases its absorption in your body. It does this by a whopping 600-plus percent over ubiquinol supplements without it!

CoQ10 with VESIsorb

CoQ10 without such technology is poorly absorbed because in their natural crystal state, it is too large for cells to absorb and CoQ10 is also fat-soluble — meaning that without a protective technology, it has a difficult time being transported intact through the environment of the digestive tract. The solution is simple: select your CoQ10 with the VESIsorb logo.