RE:Ultimate Red Yeast Rice
"OptiChoice CoQ10 works well with the Red Yeast Rice supplement. Very happy with OptiChoice products. Thanks much!"
RE:Ultimate Red Yeast Rice
“I will continue to purchase OptiChoice Ultimate Red Yeast Rice with Cholesstrinol HP – it is a great supplement and approved by my doctor. My results even surprised him at my last check-up.”
RE:Ultimate OmegaChoice® Plus
“I’ve been on Prednisone for Poison Ivy and the anti-inflammatory benefits really made a difference on how my joints feel (4 reconstructive procedures, mild arthritis). I stopped taking the Prednisone after the Ivy healed, and within a few days my aches and pains started creeping back. I’m a very skeptical consumer, but after being on the Ultimate OmegaChoice® Plus I would say without question I’m feeling better without the worry of side effects. I am waking up feeling so much better. I don’t know what it can be attributed to other than the Ultimate Omega-3 VESIsorb product. I hope to see continued progress.”
RE: CoQ10 QH-Ubiquinol
“I bought this after feeling like my age was catching up with me. I’ve been taking it for over a month and I am really liking the results. I love the extra energy and my blood pressure is doing better! I feel really good about taking this product.”
RE: CoQ10 QH-Ubiquinol
“I have ordered this more than once and I really like it. It is obvious that it’s absorption rate is much much higher than any other product I’ve tried. It takes about two days to get the blood levels up but then I felt amazing!”
RE: D-sorb
“This product is great! Beyond the results I got, I loved how fast my orders get to me. Wonderful customer service and the product actually works!”
RE: Cholesstrinol™ HP Plus
“My wife has been taking the Cholesstrinol HP for 5 months and is feeling great. This is a fantastic product. We are looking forward to getting her updated blood results to see her results. God bless."
John Q.
RE:Ultimate OmegaChoice® Plus
“I have been using OmegaChoice for about 2 years now and can definitely tell when I’ve run out. My wife has been so impressed with the results, she is taking them now. Just the feeling of overall well-being is worth it! Thank you for quickly filling all orders and for your great customer service!”
RE: Ultimate Red Yeast Rice
“The Red Yeast Rice product has everything you need to help manage your cholesterol and heart health. I was taking over 5 different supplements separately, now all I am doing is taking the Ultimate Red Yeast Rice product! I really like this product!”
RE: AlivEL® 100
“I started taking AlivEL 100 about 2 weeks ago and it has had some extremely positive effect. I don’t exactly know how it works except that I’ve noticed an increase in my energy and I plan to continue using it. Please accept my sincere thanks.”
RE: CoQ10 Body Ready
“Very good product that came highly recommended by my health director. After taking it for a few weeks I’ve noticed an increase in my stamina. Couldn’t be happier with the results.”
RE: CoQ10 Maximum Potency
“Published study – greater than 600% absorption over ALL other forms – Go to the Vesisorb website and read the studies – This is vastly superior to all other formulations of Q10, which is inherently difficult to absorb.”
RE: CoQ10 QH-Ubiquinol
“Did some research before buying and this came very highly recommended by the reviews I could find. I like the product and would recommend it.”
RE: CoQ10 QH-Ubiquinol
“I did extensive research before buying, looked at few different options, including the bulk product at my local [discount warehouse]. This came very highly recommended by the reviews I could find. I’ve loved the results I’ve got so far and will be continuing to take it.”
RE: CoQ10 Plus Omega-3
“I had tried other fish oil products and always seem to have fishy burps and bad fish after taste. I was shocked when I tried the VESIsorb Omega-3 plus CoQ10. No fish burps and I’m recovering from my workouts much faster. My joints don’t get stiff and my flexibility has improved. One or two capsules versus 6-12 of other fish oil and CoQ10 products. Super convenient and effective. THANK YOU!”
RE: CoQ10 QH-Ubiquinol
“Right now I use your Ubiquinol QH with the VESIsorb technology. I started taking this because I was concerned about managing Cholesterol better. I figured I better start trying to get my COQ10 levels up naturally. Most consumers don’t realize that the small intestine has a difficult time absorbing many natural supplements and that a great delivery system means everything. I know taking this product gives me the best chance to make measurable health gains.”
RE: CoQ10 QH-Ubiquinol
“It’s such as comfort to know that I am taking, in my opinion, the best Ubiquinol product available! I know without a doubt this is a superior Ubiquinol supplement! Love this product!”
RE: Ultimate Red Yeast Rice
“The Red Yeast Rice product is fantastic! I know everyone says “results aren’t typical” but this product is really working for me! It is a product that I will always work into my daily nutritional routine.”
RE: CoQ10 Maximum Potency
“I bought this product because of all the positive testing behind it. I thought I knew what I was getting but I have been blown away by the results. If you are looking at any other CoQ10 product, you can stop looking, This is the best CoQ10 product on the market!”


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