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Finally, Learn How to Reduce Your Cholesterol and Balance Your Triglycerides Levels - In Just 30 Days Without Side Effects, Without Diets and Without Harmful Drugs*

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Our Best-Kept Secret and #1 Weapon in the Fight Against High Cholesterol...

Welcome to Opti-Choice’s official Ultimate Red Yeast Rice® website. Chances are, you are serious about learning how to reduce your cholesterol and balance your triglycerides levels naturally; without side effects and without the use of drugs (which have been proven to have negative side effects). You more than likely don’t want to have to follow a hyper restrictive low cholesterol diet or an unrealistic exercise program. You want to use a safe, effective, natural and patented solution, that’s easy to use…And one which produces tangible results in a timely manner.

If you are one of those people who is super healthy, is blessed with amazing family genetics or have never experience high cholesterol or spiking triglycerides, this information is probably not for you. Our goal is to help those of you who are fighting to reduce high cholesterol and/or unbalanced triglycerides without stress and worry. We are here for those who just do not want to take possibly dangerous drugs to help keep cholesterol and triglycerides in check. We are also here for those who might be unable to take statins drugs due to their reported side effects and/or for people that want to live their life drug-free.

If this is you…keep reading to learn more about our best-kept secret and #1 weapon in the fight against high cholesterol. Keep an open mind and pay attention to the details about our amazing product. You could finally be at the right place at the right time of your life to make a positive change and impact on your cholesterol and heart health.

…and most importantly, do something about it.

"Why Do You Take Red Yeast Rice?...
The Bad, The Good, The Great..."

Whether you want to lower your cholesterol or help heal or support your heart, I’m sure the reason you take this supplement is so that it will aid your body in some way. If you thought that your body was only receiving a small portion or percentage of the real benefits, would you still take it? Why would you waste your time and your money, right?

The Bad News

The bad news is, most of the Red Yeast Rice products on the market today do not provide you anywhere near the amounts you need to make real changes or produce positive results.

And many are not formulated with just the right ingredients to produce optimum results. Many manufacturers do not even consider efficacy and bioavailability when creating the supplements that they sell for big bucks.

The Good News

The good news is, OptiChoice Ultimate Red Yeast Rice® is the most advanced, natural cholesterol/triglycerides formula ever made. It is standardized for reliable, no fail results, which guarantees safe and effective consumption.

Ultimate Red Yeast Rice is a synergistic 5-in-1 formula that utilizes the patented VESIsorb colloidal droplet system that consistently delivers superior absorption and bioavailability, so it will have an active circulatory effect, the right way.

The Great News

The scientists and medical professionals at OptiChoice carefully select complementary ingredients to blend with Red Yeast Rice. Combined ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10 and Cholesstrinol™ HP provide your body with the very best that this powerful supplement has to offer.

CoQ10 has proven to support healthy cardiovascular function and antioxidant activity, while Cholesstrinol helps your body balance healthy cholesterol levels, the real way.

Are You to Blame for Your High Cholesterol?

The short and accurate answer is No! Let’s get some facts straight about high cholesterol. First, high cholesterol doesn’t target a certain portion of the population. It is not prejudice. Most middle-age, and older people can be affected by this disease. It is diagnosed in thin and heavy and tall and short people every day. It attacks males and females alike.

Despite what you may have been led to believe, the two primary causes of “high cholesterol” are:

  • Your Genetics
  • Changes in your hormone levels due to aging

If you think about it, these reasons make complete sense. Many conditions, positive and negative, are hereditary. For example, if your parents have dark hair, you will probably have dark hair. If arthritis runs in your family, there is a higher chance that you will become arthritic as you age. The realization is that our bodies change as we age. Sometimes changes are due to lowering testosterone levels in men and menopause in women. Another interesting fact is that most young people do not suffer from high cholesterol and unbalanced triglycerides; even though their diets leave a lot to be desired.

So, once again, no, you are not specifically to blame for your high cholesterol, however you are responsible for lowering it. You may not know what your options are, and you may not know who you can trust. But let’s talk about 3 realistic choices you have:

  1. You can take your doctor’s advice and change your diet and get more exercise, which are great ideas anyway, but they may or may not lower your cholesterol and balance your triglycerides.
  2. You can take statin drugs-IF you aren’t afraid of the proven negative side effects.
  3. You can experiment on your own and take OTC supplements and vitamins-which do not generally make much of a change.

... OR

  • You can become part of a growing number of people, just like yourself, who have found the perfect alternative to lowering their cholesterol and balancing their triglycerides.
  • These people have learned that there is a scientifically proven alternative to the afore mentioned three options. This choice takes a natural approach, is safe, has no negative side effects, does not require a change in diet, or a rigorous exercise regimen. It is formulated with a breakthrough delivery formula called “The VESIsorb Delivery System” and offers a 6 X higher absorption rate than other OTC cholesterol-fighting supplements.
  • We are not here to hand you just another sales pitch. We are here to share with you that OptiChoice’s “Red Yeast Rice” is your absolute best option for helping your body deal with high cholesterol. You don’t have to even trust the experts at OptiChoice (See Money-Back Guarantee Below). We are here to give you…hope…a positive way to fight high cholesterol…a healthier future….a drug-free lifestyle….and positive side effects.

Read below for more information that proves that you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying OptiChoice’s “Red Yeast Rice”…

Clinically Supported Benefits of
OptiChoice's Ultimate Red Yeast Rice®

  1. Formulated with The VESIsorb Delivery System...

    Formulated with The VESIsorb Delivery System so that you get 622% more potency than most OTC supplements...

  2. Increases CoQ10 Levels...

    Increases CoQ10 levels so that you won’t have the concern of CoQ10 depletion that occurs with many other OTC Red Yeast Rice supplements...

  3. Stabilizes CoQ10 Levels...

    Stabilizes CoQ10 levels in your body to help alleviate the negative side effects of statins...

  4. Replenishes Naturally Occurring Statins...

    Replenishes naturally occurring statins so that your body will be able to help block cholesterol production...

  5. Helps Balance LDL And HDL Ratios...

    Helps balance LDL and HDL ratios so that you can eat pizza and drink whiskey whenever you effin feel like it...

  6. Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels...

    Aids your body in obtaining and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels to help prevent plaque formation in your arteries...

  7. #1 World-Wide Patented Formulation...

    Specially made with a powerhouse patented formulation so that you can rest assured that you are receiving optimum dosages...

  1. Lowers Fatty Triglycerides...

    Aids in lowering fatty triglycerides to help prevent clogging your arteries with fat that may result in seriously compromised heart health...

  2. Healthy Blood Sugar Levels...

    Supports healthy blood sugar levels to help lower your risk of diabetes and obesity...

  3. Reduction Of Inflammation...

    Aids in the reduction of inflammation to help prevent nagging pain and swelling...

  4. Optimum Liver Health...

    Supports optimum liver health to help prevent cholesterol production in this vital organ...

  5. Therapeutic Dosage In A Small Capsule...

    Gives you a therapeutic dosage in a small capsule to help make swallowing and ingesting easier...

  6. Perfected Levels Of Red Yeast Rice And CoQ10...

    Combines perfected levels of red yeast rice and CoQ10 in conjunction with The VESIsorb Delivery System so that you will receive the best, most talked about, effective supplement on the market for simultaneously lowering cholesterol and supporting healthy cardiovascular function...

  7. 5-in-1 Formulation...

    Integrated 5-in-1 Formulation for Optimal Heart Health offering you an unprecedented patented protected formula...

Meeting the need for Satin Drug Intolerant Patients...

Physicians report a significant percentage of their patients either can’t or won’t take statin drugs or generic statins. Ultimate Red Yeast Rice is a one-of-a kind, 5-in-1 synergistic formulation, never before available.

The key ingredients have been clinically proven to deliver natural support for healthy total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and HDL cholesterol. Cholesstrinol™ HPe delivers multiple heart health benefits working synergistically with the US produced organic red yeast rice and CoQsource® Coenzyme Q10. CoQsource is the most absorbable and bioavailable coenzyme Q10 formulation, in the patented VESIsorb® delivery system.

Each biologically active science-backed ingredient in Ultimate Red yeast Rice™ was carefully selected to work together for maximum heart healthy benefits.

Prescription Quality Recommended by Doctors

Who demand products that you can trust and the natural heart health benefits you deserve.

Special Discount: 25% OFF
plus Free Shipping

Discount Expires: Friday, Nov 15th
Use: Promocode25off

A Major Difference Between
OptiChoice And Everyone Else...

A medication that gives you negative side effects-in other words, does more harm than good, is not that beneficial to you in the long run. Well, it works the same way with vitamins and supplements. There is no point in taking a drug or supplement that blocks the production of or depletes important enzymes or coenzymes that your body needs.

One of the biggest problems with doctor- prescribed or -recommended cholesterol drugs is many people are intolerant. Another issue is that many of these drugs and many OTC cholesterol supplements block the synthetization of CoQ10. CoQ10 is considered the most essential antioxidant coenzyme and is crucial in heart health and energy production. The point is that there is virtually no point in taking a drug or supplements that might block cholesterol production, if it is also going to deplete your body of CoQ10. Once your body is depleted of CoQ10, you may experience a wealth of seriously negative side effects. It is regularly documented that many people that take doctor-prescribed medications that block cholesterol experience some, and sometimes all, of the follow negative, and potentially dangerous side effects:

  • Intestinal problems such as bloating, diarrhea, and IBS
  • Hormonal imbalances in women and lowered libido in men and women
  • Extremity tingling and/or numbness
  • Muscle and tendon weakness
  • Brain and body fatigue
  • Memory loss and depression
  • Cardiovascular issues such as tachycardia, AFIB, and heart disease

One of the most positive aspects of OptiChoice Red Yeast Rice is that is formulated with and contains CoQ10. This additional to OptiChoice Red Yeast Rice® makes all the difference in the world. So, not only are you getting an optimum amount of Red Yeast Rice, you are also ingesting CoQ10, with zero negative side effects. And thanks to the patented VESIsorb® Delivery System, you are getting 622% MORE of these ingredients than you will ever get from any other Red Yeast Rice and CoQ10 on the market today. In short, OptiChoice gives you a WIN-WIN, not a WIN-LOSE. Just another reason to choose OptiChoice.

5-in-1 Formulation for Optimal Heart Health...

  • Organic Red Yeast Rice's has been used for centuries in eastern medicine for promoting heart health.
  • One recent Red Yeast Rice study of several years’ duration among people with a previous heart attack showed a significant decrease in recurrent heart attacks, heart attack-related deaths, and the need for angioplasty or heart surgery (Lu, Am J Cardiology 2008).
  • Cholesstrinol™ HPe is a clinically proven patented combination of PMF-source® Citrus Flavones, TocoSource® Palm Tocotrienols and ErioSource™ Eriocitrin.
  • TocoSource® Palm Tocotrienols have also been found to support healthy total serum cholesterol and LDL levels by degrading the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase, which is responsible for producing cholesterol. By inhibiting the enzymatic actions of HMG-Co-A reductase through a post-transcriptional mechanism tocotrienols support the body’s ability to naturally balance cholesterol synthesis without the harmful side effects observed with statin drugs.
  • PMF-source® Citrus Polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) are a subclass of citrus bioflavonoids distinguished by an extra methyl group. This occurs naturally and, as a result, nature has produced an extremely bio-active and potent molecule. This is especially true for Tangeretin and Nobiletin, two of the primary polymethoxylated flavonoids in Cholesstrinol™ HPe.
  • PMF-source® Citrus Polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) (Tangeretin and Nobiletin) decrease diacylglycerolacetyl transferase, a liver enzyme needed for endogenoussynthesis of triglycerides.
  • ErioSource™ Eriocitrin (eriodictyol 7-O-β-rutinoside), a flavonoid glycoside, is the key flavonoid in lemon fruit. Eriocitrin is very elusive and is the most soluble of all flavonoids.
  • The Coenzyme Q10 in the VESIsorb® delivery system has been clinically proven to dramatically increase the therapeutic benefits your body receives from the CoQ10 in the Ultimate Red Yeast Rice® Formula.

Consistent Patent Protected Formulation

Batch to Batch... Capsule to Capsule.

Special Discount: 25% OFF
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Why and How OptiChoice Ultimate Red Yeast Rice® Works...

Important FeaturesOrganic Red Yeast Rice®Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C Competitor D
Patented Cholesstrinol™ HPe Formula
Patented CoQ10 Forumla
Tested For Citrinin
Contains Poorly Absorbed Q10 Powder"Never"
Contains 6X Absorbed CoQ10
Patented Formula Guaranteeing Consistency
Patented Delivery System
Published in Clinical Studies
Organic & U.S. Produced
Contains Red Yeast Rice

Here's Proof That Ultimate Red Yeast Rice® Works...


"What a difference this product has made in balancing my HDL/LDL Rations. I refuse to take prescription drugs so I needed a natural alternative and Ultimate Red yeast Rice has delivered."

- Christian Warren

"Ultimate red yeast rice is keeping me alive! No more leg cramps like I got with statins."

- David Kaminski


"I have been taking my Red Yeast Rice for sometime - It has help in lowering my cholesterol significantly!!!"

- Dan Loop

"This product is truly awesome. We have a family history of high cholesterol and I wanted to take a natural and proactive approach to managing my cholesterol. I love this product."

- Jami Holmes


"All I can say is this product is exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend Ultimate Red Yeast Rice to anyone who is looking to achieve better results in naturally lowering their cholesterol."

- Marianne Onarato

Consistent Patent Protected Formulation
Batch to Batch... Capsule to Capsule.

    OptiChoice's Full or Empty Zero-Risk Guarantee...


    All Opti-Choice® products are guaranteed SAFE, CONSISTENT, and MORE EFFECTIVE than other supplements. Frankly, we do not have to offer fancy guarantees because we don’t get returns. But, no worries, we do accept OptiChoice's product returns if you are not satisfied with your results, or for any other reasons. And that guarantee holds whether you return the bottle full or empty.

    VESIsorb®... "Less Is More"

    Real Ingredients and Real Benefits, the Right Way.

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    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.