Getting Enough CoQ10 When On A Statin Cholesterol Management Drug

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You know by reading our blog forum that even reasonably healthy folks will likely be prescribed any number of pharmaceutical statins, courtesy of the new cholesterol treatment guidelines aggressively proposed by the American Heart Association. Nothing to fear, really. You should always be quite mindful of your own unique cholesterol levels. We say “unique” because cholesterol is a two-part number; …

Prolonged High Cholesterol in Middle Age Raises Heart Risk Later: Study

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Many folks in their 30s and 40s chow down on burgers, fried chicken and other fatty foods without fear, figuring they have years before they need to worry about their cholesterol levels. But new research reveals that long-term exposure to even slightly higher cholesterol levels can damage a person’s future heart health. People at age 55 who’ve lived with 11 …