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Red Yeast Rice And CoQ10 Supports Amazing Heart Health

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Red Yeast Rice Famous author, blogger, and speaker, Michael Hyatt once said, “It is not your experience, knowledge, or skills. Your heart is your most important leadership tool.” He sounded true, not only figuratively, but also matter-of-factly; when he voiced this quote. Not talking specifically about Red Yeast Rice. Without a second thought, your heart is a life-maintaining organ. A …

Getting Enough CoQ10

Statin Cholesterol: Getting Enough CoQ10 When On A Statin Cholesterol Management Drug

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Statin Cholesterol You know by reading our blog forum that even reasonably healthy folks will likely be prescribed any number of pharmaceutical statins. This is courtesy of the new cholesterol treatment guidelines aggressively proposed by the American Heart Association. Nothing to fear, really. You should always be quite mindful of your own unique cholesterol levels. We say “unique” because cholesterol …

CoQ10: Improving Run Times & Heart Health

Best CoQ10: Improving Run Times & Heart Health

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Best CoQ10 Coenzyme Q10 not only has a pretty cool name (CoQ10).  It is one of the most powerful health-promoting supplements on the market. In fact, there are thousands of studies showing its positive influence on energy. Specifically as energy relates to cardiovascular wellness. More recent research has shown that CoQ10 supplementation supports healthy cholesterol levels and thus may reduce …